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What Can I Learn From Famous Musicians? New Music Blog Series COMING SOON!

Updated: Jan 19

🆕 Over the next few weeks I am going to post some new content. 🆕

It will feature ideas to expand how we think as musicians and explore ways that we can improve using inspiration from some famous musicians of past and present.

I am going to delve into a variety of different musical styles and see what I can find. How did they find success and how can we take their lead to make us better musicians?

Will there be similarities, secrets or any game changing ideas that come from studying some of these global music icons?

Once blog posts are complete, I will add a link into this one below.

Here is a selection of people that I am considering covering in this series. Feel free to comment below to add suggestions of your own.

Taylor Swift - Click here to view

Elvis Presley - Click here to view

Lady Gaga - Click here to view


Freddie Mercury

Miles Davis

Bob Marley

Lang Lang


Paul McCartney

We learn a lot from our teachers, our family, our friends and our colleagues, but there is nothing stopping us from learning from those who have made it to the very top. It is also useful learning from those who are outside of our musical genre or our specialist area.

Allow me to do the research for you and we can reap the reward by putting their life lessons into our own musical journey.

Good Luck!

Thanks for taking time to read my posts. If you like them, please sign up and share with friends.

Mark Glover


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