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As A Musician, What Can I Learn From Elvis?

Elvis Presley, often referred to as the King of Rock and Roll, was a cultural icon and a pioneer in the world of music. Musicians can learn several valuable lessons from his career.

Learn from Elvis

Innovate and Blend Genres

Elvis was known for blending various musical genres, including rock and roll, country, blues, and gospel. Musicians can learn to experiment with different styles and create a unique sound that sets them apart. Sometimes classical musicians get stuck learning the same music over and over. Experiment with other styles like rock and jazz.

Stage Presence and Performance

Elvis's stage presence was legendary. He had a charismatic and energetic performance style that captivated audiences. Musicians can learn the importance of connecting with the audience and putting on a memorable show. Practice performing while you rehearse. If you are in a band, run your whole set through, including all talk between songs and any audience participation that you are planning. While it can be nice to go with the flow in concerts, it will be even better if everything is rehearsed with precision.

Authenticity and Generosity

Despite borrowing from various genres, Elvis remained true to himself. His authenticity resonated with fans. Musicians can learn the importance of staying true to their own musical identity and expressing their unique style. Elvis was also known for his generosity. He often gave away cars, jewellery, and money to friends, family, and strangers. He also supported various charitable causes throughout his life. Supporting youth music is also very important if music as we know it is to continue into the future.


Throughout his career, Elvis adapted to changes in the music industry and evolving cultural trends. Musicians can learn to be adaptable and open to exploring new sounds and ideas to stay relevant and appeal to a broad audience. Learn from every musical experience you have. If you do a performance that doesn't work out very well, evaluate why and make adjustments for the next one.

Impact of Image

Elvis's image played a significant role in his success. Musicians can learn about the power of image and branding in building a strong and recognisable identity. It doesn't matter what instrument you play, some people will listen with their eyes. Make sure you look good when you perform and treat it as being just as important (but not more important) as how you sound.

Diversify Talent

Elvis was not just a singer; he was also an actor. Musicians can learn to explore and diversify their talents, whether it's through acting, song writing, or other creative outlets. If you have any skill in music, performance related or not, this means you probably have something that others would be willing to learn. Teaching is a great way to diversify your talent and make extra money.

Cultural Awareness

Elvis's music and style were influenced by a variety of cultural elements. Musicians can learn the importance of being culturally aware and drawing inspiration from diverse sources to create a rich and dynamic artistic expression. Nowadays the approach to music in different places around the world is merging in the same direction but there are world leaders in music who still stay true to their cultural roots.

Legacy and Longevity

Elvis's music continues to have a lasting impact, and his legacy endures. Musicians can learn about the importance of creating timeless music and building a legacy that extends beyond a specific era.

While the music industry has evolved since Elvis's time, these lessons can still be valuable for contemporary musicians looking to make a mark in the industry.

Good Luck! ❤

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Mark Glover


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