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Could You Name All 6 Euphonium Concerto Extracts?

Euph concerto Quiz

If you follow my YouTube channel, you will have seen my Euph Concerto Quiz video. Follow the link to watch it.

I recorded 6 short extracts from quite well known euphonium concertos and challenged viewers to be able to name all 6 (plus which movements they are from). To say that these concertos are long, serious pieces, I think this was a tricky challenge.

It is possible that most euphonium players could recognise one of them but some might not recognise any. At least one concerto is featured on a grade 8 exam syllabus and if you are a music college student studying music at university then you should really know them all!

Below you will find the answers to what each extract is. If you do not want to know the answers then stop reading now.

You will also find some affiliate links to where you can purchase the sheet music.

1 Philip Wilby Euphonium Concerto. The extract was from the 1st movement.

2 Martin Ellerby Euphonium Concerto. The extract was from the 4th movement.

Write in the comments how many you got correct. Maybe next time I will try and make an even harder one.

It is very interesting to think though that the euphonium is still such an unknown instrument. Most musicians who do not play the euphonium could not name this music so it is important all euphonium players around the world are doing their bit in promoting this wonderful instrument.

Thanks for reading! ❤🎵

Mark Glover


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