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Confidence Building Metronome

If you practice often and regularly use a metronome (as we all should), you might find this metronome useful. Follow the link to YouTube or play it using this video.

Sometimes when we use a metronome as a musician, we are playing music and reading the notation. Our eyes are engaged in that task. The metronome is there as a tool to improve our accuracy. In this case, just use whatever metronome you usually use.

If you regularly work on basics, things like long notes, or if you are like me and have a daily routine that you use with a metronome set to 60 beats per minute, then this might be of great help. Our eyes and mind are free to wander while playing basic things, especially when we are not following any written music. There is a great opportunity there to multitask.

This is simply a 30 minute long metronome running at 60 beats per minute with a selection of my favourite affirmations. These are just positive comments that can be used to have an impact on your mind-set and your belief.

The worst type of practice, is that which is done when in a bad mood or when you are not thinking good about yourself. Our subconscious mind has a habit of trying to sabotage us if we are not careful.

This metronome is a great way to start your practice in a positive way.

Why not have a go at creating one for yourself. Maybe with a different tempo and your own phrases. Good luck!

Thanks for reading ❤

Mark Glover


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