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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

In this blog, I am going to talk about something slightly different. Ideally aimed to help musicians, teachers and students but suitable for anyone who might like to find a few ways to earn a bit of extra cash. Musicians have suffered the most during the coronavirus pandemic, people have lost jobs and it is going to take time to recover so every penny counts!

I have a nice mix of risk free verses higher risk ideas here so whatever your financial situation there should be an idea that everyone might find interesting. I am going to cover 7 areas and write a review about each, so feel free to skip to the part which you want to read by clicking below.


1) Sell Your Stuff

2) Online Tutoring

3) Match Betting

4) The Wealth Builders

5) Bitcoin

6) UK Premium Bonds

7) 20Cogs


Due to the pandemic, we have all had to adapt to a new way of life. It is always important, no matter what happens in our lives that we can try and remain positive and make good of any situation. Money is definitely not the source of happiness but a little extra wealth can go a long way. Maybe just so you can buy an extra birthday present for your child or not have to be too picky when you go shopping or put a bit of money aside to save.

I have always had the mentality that you have to work hard and put in long hours in order to achieve more in life but I think more than ever, we all value our own sanity enough to recognise that, unless you have a job that you love, all those extra hours, money or no money do not help much with our happiness. If you want something different, a more enjoyable life or better situation financially then you have to think and act differently, try something new and even take some risks.

Most of this blog is designed for people living in the UK but it could be of use to anyone as a bit of inspiration. I have no financial qualifications and take no responsibility for any losses as a result of you trying out any of my ideas. I am not going to talk about tax either but obviously if you earnt over your UK annual personal allowance, you would be liable to pay tax.

1) Sell Your Stuff

This is one we all do already from time to time and sometimes take for granted. Years ago, to sell something, you needed to buy a classified newspaper, phone them up and get an advert placed. It was time consuming and sometimes your advert might be printed wrong or you start getting phone calls from people at all hours.

Today, with Facebook Marketplace it is so easy. Set a day aside, maybe at the weekend to have a complete search of your home and create a list of all the items you could sell. Someone is always looking for something, so don't think about whether an item will sell or not. Take some good clear photos and list the items on Facebook Marketplace. Put the items aside so they are easy to access but not in your way and wait and see if anyone shows interest. Giving your home a good tidy at the same time can also be rewarding when it is clutter free and you have made some money you will feel great. I normally leave items for a while, then if there is no interest, I lower the price. If after a few months, there has been no interest, then consider taking the item(s) to a charity shop. You would be amazed at how much money you can make just by selling your stuff.

Another idea similar to this, is buying items from Facebook Marketplace and selling them at a higher price. If you have a hobby or an area of expertise, it is possible to find specific things being sold cheaply online or even in Cash Converter type shops, because people want to get rid of them fast or just don't know the real value. You can buy, clean up, repair and resell for a profit. I have personally done this with guitars and upcycling furniture is a brilliant way to feed a DIY hobby, learn new skills and make some money.

This lovely Jackson guitar is an example of this. I purchased it for £150 and it was in poor condition. I spent about £30 on it, including buying a brand new case to sell it with and went on to sell it for £320. The hard part if you do this, is not wanting to keep the item for yourself!

2) Online Tutoring

This was something I started doing when I lived abroad. Communities in any country, including the UK always have a need for extra tutoring for adults and youngsters. As a music teacher, I could teach my specialist instruments but also teach GCSE or A-Level Music to support students with what they are doing in school or college.

Teaching students to speak English is another brilliant option. Completing an online TEFL course is really easy. There is lots of advice online on how to create your own online tutoring business or you can sign up to a site like Tutorfair. If you want to teach students from around the world to improve their English then try Dada. Online tutoring could just be something to earn a bit on the side but lots of teachers have turned it into a full time job.

Never dismiss the old school methods either, like posting an add on the public notice board in your local supermarket or drop some leaflets door to door. Online tutoring has become a part of everyday life for many families and teachers are now experts at delivering lessons from home, so as a teacher or musician you already have everything you need to make some extra income from it.

3) Match Betting (UK only, over 18)

Match betting is something a few people kept mentioning to me but was something which sounded a bit dodgy. I had never visited a gambling shop or website so I never thought it would be a good thing to try. I do however enjoy sports, and I thought it was interesting to try this while the world was locked down and most major sporting events were still on.

I did some research but I found it hard to understand until I found a company called Profit Accumulator. This company teach you how to do it with very simple videos and I soon found that I was making money from this. It takes time to learn and in the beginning you will spend longer doing it than when you are more experienced. It isn't completely risk free because an error made by doing something wrong can cost you but if you have taken time to learn without rushing and follow all instructions then it is a really fun way to make a good chunk of extra cash.

Match betting is a way to profit from free bets or bonuses offered by bookies like William Hill and Paddy Power etc. All profits are also tax free! At no point, if done correctly as per the instructions are you ever gambling and when you get over the fact that you are having to place bets but are not gambling any money, then you realise just how good this is. To start with, you can earn a lot of money because there are more offers for new customers but over time the amount you can earn drops, but still, who would say no to an extra few hundred pounds a month, from home, with very little effort.

Before getting started, spend time researching online so you know what you are getting into. It is 100% legal and it is really fun. Here is what you need to do to get started:-

I) You need a bit of money as a starting float, I would recommend £50 at least. Within a short time you will make this money back and will then continue to earn money without actually using any of your own cash!

II) You need a brand new bank account with online access and Visa card. You can open a TSB account via Quidco and get £33 cashback. If you have never used Quidco you can sign up here with my referral link, or ask any family or friends if they have one. It is essential to keep any match betting activity separate to your every day banking. Transfer your £50 or starting float amount into your new account.

III) You need a brand new email address, again it is important to keep any match betting activity separate to your every day personal email, just to be organised. Do not make any reference to match betting in the email name. You will use this, along with your home address and mobile number to sign up to multiple bookies.

IV) You can do this using only a phone but I wouldn't advise it. Ideally you want a laptop or PC, with multiple screens if possible and somewhere quiet where you can concentrate without being disturbed. You need to be organised so a good understanding of how to use a spreadsheet can also help.

V) Join the Profit Accumulator - Matched Betting Facebook group. This is such a friendly group where you will get huge amounts of help. You can also meet other people who are considering it but are still unsure and share your questions.

VI) You will need verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) documents ready in case a bookie website asks for them. A driving license or passport and recent utility bill for proof of address, so it is worth having this ready before starting.

VII) Sign up to Profit Accumulator. If you have a friend doing it, they can refer you, otherwise use my referral link and we both get a nice bonus! MY LINK

VIII) Start the free trial, watch the beginners tutorial videos and it is super easy, just follow the steps provided. You can continue to use the site for free but I recommend subscribing to the monthly paid package to get full access to their forum and tools. The money spent per month is made back every month.

4) The Wealth Builders

I stumbled across The Wealth Builders when a teacher friend mentioned that they were using it as a pension plan. My friend added me to a Facebook group for her team and I found a lot of my questions were answered in that group. Everyone was very friendly and I attended a zoom call to find out more. I decided to sign up using some of the money I had made from match betting. Any new venture could have risks and too many people drift through life without taking any risks so I was brave and decided to give it a go.

The best way to sum up this opportunity is to describe it as making money on autopilot. I make an investment, and a portion of that investment is traded for me on the global forex market daily (Monday - Friday) with a regulated broker. Obviously, trading on the forex market is risky and no past results can guarantee future profits but from my experience so far, I am getting around a 1% profit daily (5% per week) and there is also the chance to learn more about trading forex, which is something I have always been interested in. Just think for a moment about how much interest you are getting annually from a high street bank, maybe 1% if you are lucky and that is probably a fixed account with no access. Then remember, due to inflation you are actually losing money every year anyway.

This is just one way to earn money in this business, treat it like an investment and watch your money grow without any need to tell anyone at all. But for those who have experience with network marketing, there is the chance to earn more by sharing the opportunity with others. Network marketing is a huge industry but a lot of people still frown upon it which is a shame because from my experience, no matter what company it is, the overriding idea is always about helping people become financially free, having more flexibility and improving their quality of life, how can that not be good!?

Anyone interested in this just drop me an email ( or a Facebook message and I can add you to the Facebook group and invite you to attend a presentation on Zoom where you will see everything very clearly with a lot of transparency and you can make up your mind without any pressure.

5) Bitcoin

I decided to add this one because the way I see it, as a result of trying the above money making strategies, I have gained some extra money. I feel personally that I am happy to take more risk with the money I have earnt on the side of my main income. You might be in a completely different situation. If you have a mortgage or any debt at all, then use any extra money to pay off some of your debt. With my limited financial knowledge, I know that to be sound advice. There is no use trying to make money in bitcoin using money that you desperately need for everyday essentials like food and you should only risk that money if you would be completely fine without it. Also, despite interest rates in banks being low, no matter your financial situation it is essential that you always keep some money in savings which you can access instantly just in case you ever needed money in an emergency.

Bitcoin is such an interesting topic. One which most people probably turn their nose up at when it is mentioned, or even have a negative opinion of, without actually knowing anything about crypto currencies at all. If you do some research into bitcoin, you start to realise that it makes a lot of sense and is a sign of what the future might hold.

Just think, you could have purchased one bitcoin in 2011 for around $5. Now go and look how much one bitcoin costs today.

There are fees and commissions for buying, selling and sending money to and from your bitcoin wallet, so always research which is the best way to do it beforehand and never send any money to anyone who claims they can help you, there are so many scammers out there who want your money. I like to use a broker called BC Bitcoin, just because it is UK based and I know I could speak to someone very easily if I needed help, but they do have higher fees than an exchange like Binance.

So, can money be made from it in 2021? Bitcoin is very volatile, its price fluctuates a lot and no one knows what the future holds but if you start with a small investment and just add to it bit by bit then it is an exciting way to at least try and make some extra money from home. Try and buy a little bit whenever the price dips, then you can absolutely make some extra money by selling when the price is higher.

6) UK Premium Bonds

This is not really a way to make cash every week and is more of a great way to help you save. Premium bonds are something which a lot of people think are only for their grandparents. Some old fashioned sort of lottery. Call me crazy, but I love the idea of having a chance to win a million pounds every month for free. If you dream about winning the lottery and spend money weekly on scratch cards or lottery tickets you are just wasting your money. Buying premium bonds means you still have a chance of winning something every month but the money you are putting in is 100% safe and can be withdrawn when you want. What is even better, is the fact that the more premium bonds you hold, the higher your chances are of winning so it is a nice incentive to keep adding to it with any spare cash. A lot of people have some premium bonds and say they have never won anything at all but if you can gradually add to your savings pot then you could eventually, with average luck win something. This has been my experience and maybe I am just very lucky, but I think it is still a great way to save money and have a chance of making more from it in an exciting way. I personally look forward to using the prize checker app at the start of every month and having positive things to look forward to, no matter how small, really does help you stay motivated and happy.

7) 20Cogs

20 Cogs is a really cool concept. Visit this link to find out how it works.

Learn How 20 Cogs Works & How To Earn Real Money | 20COGS

If you would like to join, then please use my referral link here:

I hope this blog has been useful. A quick reminder that I have no financial qualifications and take no responsibility for any losses as a result of you trying out any of my ideas.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Mark Glover


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