This is a written version of a masterclass I was asked to give in 2012.  The topic was 'sound' but there are lots of other tips in there.

Sound masterclass


Here is a write up of my visit to the Music China 2013 trade fair in Shanghai where I got to try out lots of instruments. 

John Packer Sterling Euphonium Review

To read my full review please visit and go to reviews. You can then open the review as a PDF.


If you have any further questions about the instrument then feel free to get in touch!

Practice 'STYLE' not 'NOTES'.

Here is an article that discusses some ideas about how to practice!

Teaching Beginners!

I am very passionate about providing the best quality of teaching for my students and the first lesson with a new student, especially a beginner is essential.  Here is an article about my thoughts for approaching this.

Performance class lecture notes

Here are the lecture notes from a performance class Mark gave at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

The art of multiple tonguing masterclass

This is the document provided to participants in my class. The class was held in Bukit Batok Community Centre, Singapore.

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